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10 Fascinating Facts about The Netflix

Everything you want to know about the Netflix is here Top interesting facts about Netflix



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Top interesting facts about Netflix

The online giant Netflix has won the hearts of fans. Thanks to its sniper instinct for original projects. Netflix adopt a democratic strategy. “All at once” The channel uploads the entire series at once. Relieving the viewer from the agony of waiting for a new episode.

Here Clickemagazine brings you the Brands biographic

A key player among streaming services. Netflix at the end of 2019 posted a record number of subscribers – more than 167 million users. At the same time, the annual costs of creating video content amounted to about $15 billion. The main product of the American company is content. The user pays for a subscription and gets access to a catalog of films, series, and TV programs.

Despite the fact. That Netflix has strong competitors. Such projects as Disney +, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video. Most likely, to quality service, a positive user experience plays a huge role. Netflix built back in 1997. During its existence, it has changed the market for the film industry.

Let’s take a look at the dynamics of the company’s popularity in Google Trends. As you can see, the American project has never lost interest among users. Who are the founders of Netflix? How did they manage to gain worldwide popularity? Read on.

Starting a Business: DVD Rental

Of course, when Netflix founded, there was no question of streaming. It all started in the US. When website launch where users could rent DVDs that mailed to them.

For this, business founders. Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph chose thick paper envelopes with a special baffle. As they claim, they had to try about 200 packaging options. That ensure the safety of discs during postage.

The scheme was as followed. A seven-day disk rental cost $ 4 plus $ 2 for shipping. Payments accepted by credit cards.

The strategy worked.

The next step is to add a monthly subscription. This required the conclusion of a contract for $ 15.95. The client took up to 4 disks in one package, and after their return he requested others. The business expanded thanks to the decrease in the cost of players. The DVD business was generating good revenue by 2005.

Have competitors appeared?

Yes, in the early 2000s, Walmart and Blockbuster launched similar services, but failed. Both closed within a few years.

How Netflix beat blockbuster

In 2000. Negotiations made to merge Blockbuster and Netflix. As a result of which the second project was to become an online representative. Blockbuster considered $ 5 million from rental service was too much and close the deal. If he had known about further success, he would have acted different.

Pay TV: the idea worked

In 2007, Netflix launched a new service Pay-Per-View movies. & TV series on demand with an hourly rate. At the start, about 1 thousand videos were available to users, and those are low-quality. Moreover, the Internet audience could download pirated videos from torrent etc.

Do you think the idea was a failure? No, the guys had their own strategy for this. A contract with Starz Entertainment signed next year. As a result, Netflix gains access to the Sony and Disney video library. Further contracts signed with Paramount, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

In 2013, a family pass for streaming video introduced. Despite the increased interest of the audience. The company still received most of its profits from the rental of discs.

By 2010. The number of platforms that support online viewing of Netflix content has grown. Like Apple products. In the same year, a total of about 10.M people became users of the streaming video service. Then the American company enters the international market.

Own content betting

In 2011, the idea of ​​creating your own content began. As a result, the company signed a contract for $ 100 million. According to which 2 seasons of the series a political drama. House of Cards created only for Netflix. The content manager noted that the show was very popular with DVD rental customers. The first season debuted on the streaming platform in 2013.

This was following by a series. A 5-year contract with Marvel TV to create series about four characters. Next is a contract with Disney+ to show the sixth season of the animated series “The Clone Wars.

Success in 2013: House of Cards nominated in 9 Emmy nominations. The company’s net profit skyrocketed to $ 112 million, with an audience of 33 million users.

By the end of 2014, the net profit, & users, increased: $ 266 million and 50 million users.

In 2015, the 1st non-English language The Mexican TV series Club de Cuervos. At the same time, work is underway on the production of the first own film “State of affairs”

Market competition is growing. So, Netflix works in two way it continues to gain a space in the American market as well as overseas audiences.

At the end of the first quarter of 2019, the number of subscribers reached 148 million. The plans for the growth of users in America do not reach the planned indicators. But the company makes up for the volume at the expense of the audience in other regions. The service is available in 190 countries around the world.

In 2019, the platform lost two strong trump cards. The series Friends & the Office. Which their competitors are already broadcasting. According to a survey. 30% of American users confirmed. That they would cancel their subscription if shows will not resume.

Netflix continues to fight, having bought the rights to show the sitcom Seinfeld in 2021. Experts estimate that this deal will cost at least $ 500 million. Moreover, contracts had signed with renowned directors. Steven Soderbergh & Fernando Meirellisch.

Management is betting on India. By providing users with a separate subscription format for mobile devices. 16 unique TV series and 24 feature films are being prepared for the Indian market.

In 2019, Netflix participated in 15 nominations for the Oscars, in 2020 -24 nominations.

Netflix analogs

In America: Amazon and Hulu

Amazon’s Prime Video service is the main competitor in coverage. It broadcasts its own series, show programs and sports competitions to its users. In 2018 they bought the exclusive rights to broadcast major men’s tennis matches.

Hulu is not advanced. Its own projects have already shown real results. Thus, the series “The Handmaid’s Tale” received 5 statuettes at the Emmy ceremony.

Netflix in Pakistan:

Netflix is ​​not very popular in Pakistan. The reasons are the lack of some top TV series in Urdu language acting in the library. In Pakistan, the main audience belongs to the free streaming services like YouTube.

Its advantages. No subscription price, the presence of free content, a wide library of hit movies. By the way, YouTube is the exclusive representative of Free Content.


Key Netflix Success Factors

  1. Closing projects. Even if the platforms own show gets critical acclaim, that’s not a reason to shoot next season. Leaders rely on the quality of user views. No ratings – no continuation of the project.
  2. A bet on technology. Netflix has 700 “micro services” each of which handles collect & process certain data. One stores information about the films watched. The second searches for a suitable content format for a specific device. & third is analyses the viewing history giving the user recommendations. For this the cloud system from Amazon used.
  3. Access details for streaming video. Content viewing is available in all popular browsers. There are applications for mobile devices. Special software for TVs and game consoles.
  4. Acceptable tariff plans. New users have access to a free 30-day period with access to legal content in good quality. In 2020, the subscription to the service starts at 7.99 euros per month.

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Here’s When Every Episode of “Euphoria” Season 2 Will Air on HBO Max




Season 2 is here!

After a long wait due to COVID-19’s delays in production, HBO’s fan favorite teenager drama, Euphoria, is finally appearing on our screens. We finally have the chance to meet the beloved characters from East Highland including Rue, Jules, Maddy, Kat and many more. The second season of Euphoria continues from at the point it stopped following Season 1 as well as the bridge episode which is certain to be plenty of drama, with new characters to come along. Of course, it’s impossible to skip these new episodes if trying to recreate the gorgeous costumes from season 2Seriously, get your glitter ready you guys.

If you’re looking for a way you can tune into the latest season , and what number of episodes to look forward to you should don’t look any further. clickemagazine Club has everything covered for Euphoria.

Here’s When Every Episode of “Euphoria” Season 2 Will Air on HBO Max

How do I watch Euphoria season 2season 2

The new season airs in HBO Max at 9 p.m. PST/EST on the 9th of January on a Sunday. Plans begin with $9.99 per month, however you can also sign up for a seven-day trial if you’re not already signed up for the streaming service.

Which episodes will be there in Euphoria season 2.

According to HBO The upcoming season will feature eight episodes. In the event that it’s like season one the runtime per episode could be around 45 minutes, with no commercials. The new episodes can be watched when the airs through HBO as well as HBO Max every week. If you’re patient and would rather watch them all at once you can stream all episodes once the final episode is aired on February 27th.

  • Season 2 Episode 1airs on January 9
  • Season 2 Episode 2airs January 16
  • Season 2 Episode 3airs on January 23rd
  • Season 2 Episode 4airs the 30th of January
  • Season 2 Episode 5airs Friday, February 6,
  • Season 2 Episode 6airs on February 13
  • Season 2 Episode 7airs on February 20th,
  • Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale) -The show airs on February 27th.

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The Sin You are Committing (based on your date of birth)

The Sin You are Committing (based on your date of birth)



The sin you are committing (based on your date of birth). Each of us is characterize certain mistakes that lead to the fall. Whether we like it or not, every day, to one degree or another, we succumb to temptations and sin. According to experts, depending on our date of birth, we are prone to committing certain sins.

(From 22 November to 21 December) ADVERTISING

Those born in November-December are often prone to very tough flirting. This is one of the most typical sins that are characteristic of these people. Sek’s are both entertainment and fun for them. This means that it can be very difficult for them to maintain a long-term relationship. Even when they are with someone they love. It is very difficult for them to refrain from cheating. So, if not to mention the simple flirting that they resort to.

(From February 19 to March 20) LAZY

Born in late February – early March are often people who hover in the clouds too much and are out of touch with reality. Sometimes it may even seem that they exist only in their small world. They are completely unrelated to the people and events around them.

So daydreaming about something and thinking about what could have happened. What did not, they let life pass them by. March people tend to be very slow and thoughtful. Unfortunately, such regularity and even somewhere slowness often creates. The basis for the development of laziness. Thus, when it comes to any specific actions at the moment, they are lazy to take them.

(From May 21 to June 22) LIE AND DECEPTION

Those born at the end of May and June have a terrible habit of mixing various stories into stories. When it comes to telling the whole truth about something. It becomes very difficult for them to do it without any embellishment. This is because most of those born in June are twins. And twins, as you know, have two faces.

It’s not for nothing that this zodiac sign depicted with two different faces. They have different views on the same story. In any case, if you are a June person, you tend to lie about small things. Sometimes about important things. Especially if these things are different from what you want. So, what’s the best way to present things your own way? Lie in a way that is beneficial to you.

(From January 20th to February 18th) SELF EXCELLENCE

People who were born during this time span like to believe. That they are special and different from the rest. They are confident that they are because that is how God created them. Often, they are boastful and try to prove to everyone that they are more successful and wiser than others. They like to extol themselves, which they do.

(From June 23rd to July 22nd) DEDICATION AND WORSHIP

Remember the famous phrase “Don’t make yourself an idol”? Those who were born at the end of these months. They are distinguishing by their sacrificial attitude towards life. As well as a special attitude towards the object of their love or sympathy. A person born in this interval tends to deify his partner, putting him and his needs above his own. If you were born this month, then, most likely. You take care of your partner, make sure that everything is always fine with him. No matter what happens, you will stay close to him, overcoming any adversity.

Here you can argue: they say, is it some kind of sin, to take care of others? But, analyze this; you no longer think to yourself and would rather give your life for someone else. Remember not to create idols, even if they are your loved one. Be careful about idolizing other people.

(From December 22 to January 19) AVALITY

These people find it difficult to leave their offices and with good reason. If you were born in the specified period, most likely you sin by being rule by greed and greed. You are a competitive person and will do everything in your power to earn more money than others. And it’s not that you want to spend what you earned. You like to flaunt your success and achievements at the first opportunity. Greed forces you to do things that not everyone would dare.

(From July 22 to August 23) PRIDE AND VANITY

People born in late July-August are prone to narcissism. If you were born in this space, you may be one of the most selfish people when it comes to personal relationships. You are natural in everything you do, and you know how to impress others with a simple wink or smile. You are an arrogant and confident person. There are times when even the people you think are close do not want to have anything to do with you. And this is not surprising. Who wants to communicate with someone? Who is only looking for their own reflection in the eyes of another person?

(From April 21 to May 20) GLUTE

People born in April-May can also be suspect of narcissism. They only like what will benefit them. Whether it’s good food, good s @ ks , or an expensive new toy, they love it all. Also, if you were born in this time frame. You also have unhealthy habits, including the manifestation of gluttony. Gluttony is exactly what you sin the most. You are more than a foodie; you often overuse food.

(From 23 August to 23 September) ENVY, Jealousy

Born in late August-September, as a rule, they are unstable in their desires. Often they cannot decide what exactly they want and how to get it. Plus, they want to be the one everyone is talking about. Especially when it comes to attracting a potential partner. If you were born in September, then most likely you are happy with jealousy. You can even start tracking your crush. After all, you have interest in everything about him: from what he does to who he (she) meets.

(From October 24 to November 21) HIKE

People born in October-November are especially prone to lust and lust. Lust is the most basic sin of these people. The reason for this is their passionate nature, seeking constant contact with people. You know how to convince people, as you are an excellent psychologist. It is very important for you to know that they hear everything you say to them. But, if you were born in this time frame, it will be quite difficult for you to find love in the person of one single person. After all, you are looking for someone who is very like you, for whom intimacy plays an important role. In most cases, you have problems with loved ones, forcing you to do what you do not want.

September 24 to October 23) VANITY

It seems that those born in September-October do not care about anything other. Then their own appearance. They can look in the mirror and admire their beautiful face for hours. This is the main thing that they need in life. But despite the fact that they may spend a lot of time sitting in front of the mirror. They still enjoy working on inner beauty. After all, being beautiful inside and out is one of the keys to success, right?

Open hand imprint, blood red color

(March 21 to April 20) MURDER

A distinctive feature of people born in April is their unpredictability & hot temperament. If you happen to feel the anger of such a person, you may not experience it, it is so strong. Also, to being active people, they are also spontaneous.

So spontaneous that their spontaneity almost always leads to trouble. If you were born in April, you need to learn to be careful and control your emotions. Otherwise, your rage can harm both you and those around you.

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What Your Face is Talking About?



Photo: Shutterstock

Physiognomy is based on the structure of the face. The shape of the face, lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Helps to learn about the character and personality of a person. What exactly can you find out by facial features with the help of this unusual science?

What does the Shape of the Face Say?

  • People with Triangular Faces are creative and love to give advice.
  • People with Round Faces are more often distinguished by their intelligence. A practical approach to all areas of life. They are active, sensitive and emotional.
  • The Oval Face speaks of discipline, hard work and intelligence.
  • Owners of Square Faces are distinguishing their stubbornness. They are very difficult to influence.


  • A person with a Wide Forehead is often reasonable, he knows what decision needs to made and how to act more.
  • But people with Narrow Foreheads are very reckless. They do not like to remember the past and focus more on the future, strive to get what they want.

Expression Not in the Eye, But in the Eyebrow!

  • Wide Eyebrows speak of a talented and responsible person.
  • Thin Eyebrows state a scrupulous and careful approach in life. But such people do not have much self-confidence.
  • Curved Eyebrows state that we have a person with humor in front of us, who can find a common language with new people.
  • The Eyebrows converging on the bridge of the nose. So, it represents a more rigid and stable personality to us. So, it possessing the qualities of a leader.

Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul

The eyes are the windows to the soul. And in relation to physiognomy, this can be taken. Eyes can tell a lot about our character and personality.

  • A person with Small Eyes usually tough, disciplined, he does not like to sit around.
  • Large, wide-open eyes speak of an active, but careless personality. Such people are usually subject to mood.

Keep Your Chin Up!

The perfect shape of the nose, which is usually fantasized of by those. Who go below the stab of a plastic surgeon, is careful to be sharp? But, by changing the outline of the nose, you cannot change the personality.

  • A Short Nose implies pragmatism, ease of communication. An open expression of dissatisfaction with certain inconveniences.
  • It is difficult to come to terms with a large and Wide Nose, but he speaks of a person’s creativity and energy.
  • A Wide Nose has unshakable principles and a sound mind that is difficult to be confuse with.


Lips aren’t for kissing. That’s what physiognomy says about them.

  • A person with Full Lips loves to communicate is easy-going. But sometimes expresses himself to not paying attention to others.
  • People with Thin Lips can be trust with secrets, they know how to keep them.
  • People with Wide Lips are usually generous, but sometimes arrogant.
  • If you meet a person whose upper Lip is Thin and the lower Lip is Wide known. That this is a person with a gift of persuasion who is not averse to chatting.

The easiest way to test. How these principles of studying the character of people by face work, is to try to “read” them yourself. Remember that these secrets are not universal. So, they are not absolute truth due to our genetic, cultural and personal differences. Try these simple tips to apply to your friends.

What Your Face is Talking About?

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